Firm Overview

Welcome to Corbett Law Firm

The Corbett Law Firm is located in Springfield, Missouri, and primarily serves the Southwest Missouri area. We focus exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death claims and litigation.


Our firm is dedicated to communicating honestly and regularly with our clients. We treat our clients with the utmost respect. We are a small firm in a small town. This allows us the advantage of staying in close touch with our clients. Our attorneys will visit your home or hospital room. We will arrange transportation for you if you need it. Our office handles all of your medical bills and arranges the necessary payments through the insurance providers. We do everything we can to relieve the burden an accident imposes on your life.


The Corbett Law Firm employs a unique approach to representing people who have been in accidents. There is no shortage of law firms that claim to be personal injury law firms, but many of those firms have never successfully tried a case before a jury. Many of these firms have never taken a personal injury case before the Court of Appeals. At Corbett Law Firm, we believe that these so-called personal injury firms do a disservice to the Client and to the legal profession by half-heartedly representing their clients.


At Corbett Law Firm, we do things differently. We actually provide a full claims service for injured people, and many cases are resolved while still in the claims stage. However, if the Client feels as though the offer attained through the claims process is not fair, then we actually file suit and try the Client’s case completely through the legal system, from jury trial to appellate review, without any increase in the attorney contingent fee. In other words the Client does not pay more to protect their rights just because the insurance company decides to put up a fight.


Corbett Law Firm will fight just as hard as the insurance company. We have the track record to prove it, averaging over 8 jury trials per year.


In today’s environment, insurance companies are happy to offer injured persons less than what their claim is worth, in hopes that the injured person will just take the money and get out of the company’s hair. In order to receive just compensation, the client needs the help of experienced professionals with a proven track record, in the court room and out, of being eager to fight for the Client. Corbett Law Firm has that track record. Put it to work for you.

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